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The organic combination of the company actively explore the "Internet plus" and home services, the use of big data, establish a new model Internet plus home service ". The company through the Internet plus mode, supply and demand to build a home service on both sides of the exchange platform. On the platform, not only to provide opportunities for both sides, but also to ensure that the two sides to provide better protection and support."
Company registration system management. The company take the registration s...


1 with flowers can let you show the gold standard for professional skills.
2 flowers during the period of service guarantee Yuesao personal safety.
3 provide professional legal assistance to resolve disputes during your service.
4 monthly salary of 15, 30, never defaulted.
5 employees were Yuesao pay five social insurance and one housing fund.
6 a unified annual health examination.
7 free for Yuesao to buy accident insurance.
8 to provide free...


  • Ms. Zhan Jia Baobao
  • Ms. Duan Jia Baobao
  • Ms. Zhang Jia Baobao
  • Ms. Jia Baobao LV
  • Ms. Liu Jia Baobao
  • Ms. Lin Jia Baobao
  • Mr. Zhang Jia Baobao
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    Ms. Duan Jia Baobao
    Zhang aunt to take care of the baby very thoughtful, confinement meals...
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    The company is really thoughtful service system, a month after the bab...
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    Ms. Jia Baobao LV
    Lu aunt to take care of the baby very meticulous, patient, good confin...
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    Yuesao good-natured, caring, working in a clean manner, to me in the c...
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    Ms. Lin Jia Baobao
    To take care of the baby very meticulous, patient, take effective meas...
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    Mr. Zhang Jia Baobao
    Gentle, in a clean manner, have the patience to the children, cooking ...